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"Hear the News!"

"The famed labor organizer (whose husband, Albert, was one of the executed) is played by the very capable actress Bridget Adams-King, who well understands she is playing the moral conscience of the show."

Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

"Bridget Adams-King, a fast-rising star"

Alex Huntsberger, Chicago Sun-Times

"Their accomplished, superbly trained voices and tough, unflinching characterizations keep this production real and moving. The story is primarily told from the viewpoint of Lucy Parsons and, as such, Ms. Adams-King more than rises to demands of this role.

Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre & Concert Reviews

"And Adams-King is (if you’ll excuse the expression) dynamite as the woman who grows from hot-headed revolutionist to become one of the founders of Industrial Workers of the World."

Karen Topham,

"And the ensemble opens the second act with a powerhouse “Seasons of Love” led by an impressive Bridget Adams-King. The soulful reflection counts down the 526,600 minutes in measurements of sunsets, cups of coffee and love. Gorgeous!"

The Fourth Walsh

"Basilius oldest daughter Pamela (Bridget Adams-King -a Broadway belter if ever there was one)"

Misha Davenport, BroadwayWorld Chicago

"Adams-King, meanwhile, comes alive and owns the second act. As “Haymarket” reaches its conclusion, her performance dovetails with Kornfeld’s music to produce something rare: agitprop that strikes the heart."

Alex Huntsberger, Chicago Sun-Times

Adams-King..steal[s} the show with their vocal talents and humorous styles...

Katie Priest, third coast review

"Not only is it generally a treat to hear one of the musical's most iconic songs live, but ensemble member Bridget Adams-King brings down the house as the "Seasons of Love" soloist. Her powerhouse moment..."

Rachel Weinberg, Broadway World

"Bridget Adams-King stands out as the soloist in “Season of Love.” Her voice fills you with bliss and leaves you begging for more."

Rikki Lee Travolta, ShawLocal

Azevedo gets extraordinary performances from everyone in the ensemble as well, especially Bridget Adams-King, who plays multiple roles and whose powerful soprano anchors “Seasons of Love,” 

Karen Topham, Chicago On Stage

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